Garda Awarded €100,000 for Stab Wound

A Garda Sergeant has been awarded €100,000 in compensation
for physical and psychological injuries he sustained while trying to subdue a
knife-wielding man in Fermoy, Co Cork, on New Years’ Eve 2006. Sergeant John
Liston of Mallow, Co Cork, had earlier in the night been involved in a
light-hearted conversation with the man, whose father was known to him.

Although the earlier conversation had passed off without
incident, the man later pulled out knives from under his coat after being
refused entry to a local nightclub. Sergeant Liston was stabbed in the side and
had to undergo surgery on his wounds.

It was later discovered that the man who had stabbed Sgt
Liston later turned his knives on himself, committing suicide.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine awarded Sgt Liston €100,000 in general
damages compensation, and a further €6,400 to address his costs.