BT Employees Still Able to Claim for Loss of Hearing Caused by Faulty Headsets

British Telecom employees are still be able to pursue compensation for any loss of hearing they suffered as a result of faulty headsets provided by the company, but the deadline for claims is now subject to the three-year rule imposed by the Statute of Limitations, the company announced in June last year.

BT had said that it will allow workers to claim for compensation for a limitless period of time after acknowledging that some of their workers were given faulty headsets in August 2010, when the Watkins v British Telecom was taken.  The Statute of Limitations will come into effect for all claims as of January 1, 2013, it announced last June.

BT’s acknowledgement that they had provided faulty headsets to their engineers led to several employees pursuing claims for compensation for loss of hearing, some of which occurred years before.