Injuries Board Review Reveals that Number of Compensation Claims Remain Steady

The Injuries Board has recently released figures in its annual review indicating that the number of claims it received in 2014 remained roughly steady.

During the year, 31,576 claims for compensation were made to the Injuries Board, resulting in 12,420 (39%) assessments being accepted. The total value of awards granted was €281.2 million. In comparison to the previous year, 31,211 claims were made, of which 10,656 (34%) were accepted. In 2013, €243.5 million was granted in total as injury compensation.

In 2014, the higher acceptance rate was due to a large number of claims for compensation being put forward to the Injuries Board in the final few weeks of 2013 which were not resolved until 2014. The organisation’s report also stated that there had been a decrease in the amount of time needed to process and resolve a claim between the two years.

Despite the increase in the average value of a claim for an injury at work (rising from €28,886 to €32,134), there was a slight decrease overall in the average assessment of an injury claim (€22,642 from €22,847). The report also showed that the largest single assessment was for an employer liability claim, at a value of €972,898.

The Chief Executive of the Injuries Board-Patricia Byron-commented on the company’s annual report, stating: “While the volume of new claims stabilised last year, the increase in the number of awards made by the Board is a clear indication that more respondents, typically insurers, are opting to engage with our low cost claims resolution service and recognise the real value of avoiding unnecessary and costly litigation where uncontested claims are concerned”.”

Ms Byron continued: “2014 was an important year for us as we marked a decade in operation. As a result of our journey, personal injury compensation is now delivered in 7 months and at a processing cost of 6.7%, compared to almost 3 years and a cost of 58% for litigated claims. With over €1 billion in savings delivered to date and a ten year track record behind us, the benefits of non-adversarial claims resolution are unequivocal.”