Slips, Trips and Falls Among Most Common Workplace Claims

Slips, trips and falls in the workplace are among the most
commonly reported injuries in the workplace, new figures released by the
Injuries Board to coincide with “World Day for Health and Safety at Work” have
revealed. Slips, trips and falls injuries contributed substantially to the
�22,500,000 Assessed by the Injuries Board in 2011, it said.

While the value of claims falling overall year-on-year, most
of the fall has been put down to a smaller workforce and not improvements in
health and safety standards.

“While our figures point to a downward trend in the number
of claims for workplace accidents, the main driver for this is a contracting
workforce rather than notable advices in health and safety programmes,”
commented Patricia Byron, chief executive. “We understand that
businesses today are under constant pressure to drive efficiencies, often
operating with scare resources, but cutting corners on employee safety is a cut
too far.”