Employee at Manufacturing Plant Awarded Compensation for Crushed Leg Injury

An employee who was forced to stay in hospital for 10 weeks after an incident in the plant resulted in his leg being crushed by heavy concrete objects has received compensation for his injuries.

Bendcrete Leisure Ltd of Stalybridge in Manchester is a manufacturer of concrete sports equipment such as climbing walls and skate parks. The company also manufactures concrete table tennis tables for outdoor use.

In February 2015, five of the concrete table tennis tables were being prepared for transportation – the first four having been balanced on top of two half-empty resin barrels. As the fifth one was lowered, the weight was too much for the resin barrels and the entire stack collapsed.

When the stack collapsed, the tables fell on top of the employee who had been operating the lifting crane-who wishes to remain anonymous. The weight of the concrete objects crushed his legs. Colleagues were able to free the employee and he was taken immediately to Wythenshaw Hospital by ambulance.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSE) conducted an investigation into circumstances surrounding the crushed leg injury at work and found that the task of manoeuvring the concrete table tennis tables had not been planned, supervised or carried out in a safe or appropriate manner.

The HSE subsequently prosecuted Bendcrete Leisure Ltd for breaches of Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and, at Trafford Magistrates´ Court, directors of Bendcrete Leisure Ltd plead guilty to the charges.

After hearing that the employee had spent ten weeks in hospital recovering from his crushed leg injury at work and has been unable to work since, magistrates fined the company £12,000 for the health and safety breaches and ordered the company to pay an additional £3,495 in costs.